Well Drilling


The water well drilling process begins with a free onsite meeting and property inspection to insure the customer gets exactly what they need and learns of the drilling conditions, depths, quality and water availability.

An estimate will be written up onsite to enable the customer to budget their entire project.

After a signed proposal is obtained, the work can begin.

We take care of all the permitting processes in ANY of the Northern Counties.

After a permitis obtained we can commence to drilling your well

We are the ONLY residential water well contractor to provide our services in all Northern Counties. Subsequently, we have drilled more water wells than any other drilling contractor in the North State. Heitman Drilling is the only water well drilling contractor that has the most experience in all Northern Counties and more experience in drilling and installing water pumping systems in all of them.

There are actually two types of air drilling: direct rotary air and air hammer. In both, air is used as the drilling fluid, as opposed to a water-based fluid such as in mud rotary drilling.

Most of our wells are drilled with a drilling method called air rotary.

In both methods of rotary air drilling, air is pumped down the drill pipe and escapes into the borehole through holes in the bit. As the bit turns, it grinds the cuttings into small pieces, which the compressed air carries to the top of the borehole. Direct rotary air drilling is normally used for softer formation materials, such as limestone, sandstone, and some of the softer metamorphic rocks.

Air Rotary Casing Hammer Drilling

The air rotary casing hammer method (ARCH) combines modern air drilling techniques and modern pile driving equipment to do the jobs fast and efficiently that historically have been done with a cable tool rig. A hole can be drilled through completely unstable ground with this method in only a fraction of the time required with a cable tool rig.

ARCH is basically a tool designed to drive casing through alluvial deposits that won’t support a hole. These deposits are formations that cave in behind the drilling tools, like loose sands, gravels, and cobbles. ARCH can also be useful for shutting off water behind the casing.

For example:In certain formations we’ll encounter structures of water that are too sandy or dirty to allow in your water well. Therefore we drive steel casing past these areas to shut them off, sealing the undesired water from entering your well.

Air Hammer Drilling

In Air Hammer Drilling, compressed air is pumped through the drill pipe to an air hammer bit in the borehole. The pneumatic bit strikes the rock very rapidly. During drilling the pipe string is rotated by the drilling rig to aid in keeping the borehole straight. The compressed air that escapes at the bottom of the air hammer carries the pulverized cuttings to the surface. Air hammer drilling is very rapid in even the hardest materials.

Air drilling offers many advantages over other drilling methods. While the initial set-up costs for an air rig are fairly expensive, this method is much quicker than other drilling methods for drilling in hard rock. Additionally, since it does not use water-based drilling fluids, there is less chance of cuttings or drilling fluids clogging the aquifer materials than with mud rotary drilling. Because of its higher drilling efficiency, air drilling is often much less expensive than other methods of drilling.

The sizes of wells we drill are: 6 5/8”, 8 5/8”, 10 ¾”, 12 3/4”  for Residential, Agricultural, and Industrial wells.

After your well is drilled and properly sealed to the County’s Code, a pumping system can then be installed by our expert pump technicians.

Heitman Drilling is a full service Water Well Drilling & Pump company.  We will take you from the application of your water well permit (for new and replacement wells) to the pump and pumping system that puts water into your drinking glass.

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Our staff is paid an hourly wage. They do not make commissions on service and our drillers do not get paid by the depths of the wells. We do not pay our drillers or pump technicians commission based wages.