Pump Selection & Installation

Before W.S. Heitman Drilling & Pumps recommends a pump, we will factor in:

  • How much water will be needed at peak demand
  • The well’s yield potential in gallons per minute (gpm)
  • Diameter of the well
  • Depth of Well
  • Static Water Level (from ground level to standing water level)
  • Distance and elevation of the home above the well
  • Future needs, such as irrigation

Because W.S. Heitman Drilling & Pumps provides well-to-faucet water systems by licensed, certified and experienced technicians, we can guarantee the performance of the system and its components.
We have believed for years that the best items to recommend to our customers are products that are time proven and are of the highest quality and value available. We recommend items such as Grundfos submersible pumps, Franklin motors and control boxes , Square-D pressure switches, Flomatic check valves , and Pro-Line and Well-X-Trol series pressure tanks.
How water pumps works
W.S. Heitman Drilling & Pumps installs complete systems. We use only high quality components – not the parts you can buy at your local “big box” discount retailer. The difference is that a pumping system installed by W. S. Heitman Drilling & Pumps is dependable, fully guaranteed and installed by our experienced technicians.

sp_open-(1)A submersible water pump is comprised of a series of small impellers, stacked horizontally on top of each other. When activated, the impellers rotate at approximately 3,450 RPM moving the well water up the drop line and into the pressure tank. Because the water pump operates electrically, wires must run down into the well and be connected to the pump. All wiring connections are permanently sealed to avoid voltage leaks and short circuits. Torque arrestors are installed above the pump to prevent wires from twisting and chafing during pump operation. The torque arrestor extends the life of the pump by preventing short circuits that would be caused if the wire coatings were compromised.

Types of pumps we sell and install:

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Jet Pumps
  • Submersible Turbine Pumps
  • Line Shaft Turbine Pumps
  • Solar Pumps
  • Hand Pumps
  • Wind Powered Pumps

When you choose W.S. Heitman Drilling & Pumps be assured that your job is as important to us as it is to you!
We pride ourselves in being:

  • Quick to respond
  • On Tiime
  • Courteous
  • Professional
  • Equipped
  • Knowledgeable