Pump Tests


There are several reasons why you would need W. S. Heitman Drilling & Pumps to perform pump test.

  • If is often required through escrow to perform a pump test.
  • To find the pumping capacity of a well.
  • To verify the pumping system is producing the gallons per minutes and the pressure that the pump is supposed to produce.

Yield Testing

For most home wells it is not necessary to undertake extensive testing. The experienced drillers at W. S. Heitman Drilling & Pumps will have a good idea of the wells performance from the drilling and development process. The yield potential is important for selecting the right pump. It is very important to understand the well’s limitations. Ideally water will flow into the well at the same rate that it’s removed by the pump. There are three important pieces of information that impact the design of an efficient water system

  • The static water level
  • The water level after pumping a known volume
  • The time it takes for the well water level to recover once pumping stops

For low-yield wells, to insure the pumping system is suitable for the customers needs, and extensive pump test is recommended to determine the draw down and recovery rate of the water in the well.

Low Yield Wells